Free Bankruptcy Book

Free Bankruptcy BookHere’s a free bankruptcy book written by two veteran Los Angeles lawyers who each have more than 36 years in the business. The book authors are Jeffrey Wishman and Leon Bayer. 

Our free bankruptcy book was written so that humans can understand the laws that govern debt relief. We kept it simple, and call it The Best Bankruptcy Book.

The authors also included their own special bankruptcy tips and hints. We don’t want you making the same mistakes and errors that other people often fall into. We want to steer you clear of common bankruptcy mistakes. We also take complicated legal concepts and make them easy to understand.


BWL teamCheap bankruptcy lawyer. Our fee starts as low as $775.00 + filing fee* with the Bankruptcy Law Firm of Bayer, Wishman & Leotta.

If you are going to file a bankruptcy case in Los Angeles, California, we hope you will consider representation by our law firm. But whether you go it on your own or hire someone else,  we want your case to run smoothly. We want you to have a successful bankruptcy case. We sincerely hope that you will gain a Fresh Start. Your first step may right here, within the pages of the Best Bankruptcy Book ever written by Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyers.

Our Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyers offer you a free consultation. Call 800-477-3111.

BWL teamYou can have a complete and thorough free bankruptcy consultation with us. We won’t recommend bankruptcy unless you need it. You will have all your questions answered. We keep our fees very reasonable, and work hard to hold the costs down. We will offer you our fee after we see what you need. Whether you hire us or not, we feel that you will gain everything you need to know to make the right decision about filing bankruptcy.

At left, Jeffrey Wishman, Leon Bayer, Marcus Tiggs.

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