• Free Bankruptcy Advice On NPR Radio
    Free Bankruptcy Advice On NPR Radio – Debtors Do Have Legal Rights. Topic for Wednesday, December 20, 2017 at 7 PM PT: Federal Bankruptcy Law – Debtors Do Have Legal Rights. Guest: Leon Bayer, a Certified Specialist in Federal Bankruptcy Law, Certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization of the... Read more »
  • Northridge Bankruptcy Attorney Since 1989
    The Northridge bankruptcy attorney office of Bayer, Wishman & Leotta is located in the Wells Fargo Center. The address is 9036 Reseda Blvd, Suite 108, Northridge, CA 91324. We are in the building on the South-east corner of Reseda and Nordhoff. (Other offices are located in Encino, Los Angeles, and... Read more »
  • Yelp Bankruptcy Lawyer Reviews
    "...Not more than 10 minutes later, problem solved... I never expected being able to get the kind of service... Leon didn't even take a fee..." The post Yelp Bankruptcy Lawyer Reviews appeared first on My Bankruptcy Lawyer.... Read more »
  • Bankruptcy Improves Credit
    For a long time we have been telling you that bankruptcy improves credit. Our opinion was based on the feedback from our bankruptcy clients. While we felt right about what we said, we could not prove it. Or, at least not prove in a statistical scientific way that bankruptcy improves... Read more »
  • Your Spouse’s Debts – Will Marriage Make You Responsible?
    You should be plenty worried about your spouse’s debts before you get married. Your spouse’s debts can be enforced against all marital property under California law. This includes even those debts made that were made prior to marriage. Before you get married and say, “I Do,” you better look at... Read more »
  • Free Bankruptcy Help From NPR Radio Program
    Free Bankruptcy Help – NPR radio show keeps on giving free bankruptcy help and advice by bankruptcy law specialists. Free Bankruptcy Help – Public Radio has reliably offered 30 years worth of free bankruptcy help and public access to lawyers in all areas of consumer law on “Your Legal Rights.” The... Read more »
  • Stop Eviction
    Can you file bankruptcy to stop eviction? The answer is, “Maybe.” But, should you file bankruptcy for the sole purpose to stop eviction? The answer is “Probably not.” The first step to stop eviction is to know exactly where you are in the eviction process. The entry of a court... Read more »
  • Bankruptcy Stay Eviction Rules
    The first step to stop eviction with a bankruptcy case is to have a solid understanding of the Bankruptcy Stay Eviction Rules. The Bankruptcy Stay Eviction Rules are extremely complex. The entry of a court judgment for “unlawful detainer” is the dividing line for knowing whether a bankruptcy filing will stop... Read more »
  • Debt Settlement Company Trouble
    A debt settlement company might accidentally revive the collectability against you of an old debt. A debt settlement company often does you more harm than good. One of the worst mistakes I have seen them do is to revive the statute of limitations on a debt that you legally didn’t... Read more »
  • Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Professional Dilemma
    Lawyer Solves Dangerous Professional Dilemma (PLEASE SHARE THIS POST TO HELP OTHERS) Jeff Wishman has been my law partner since 1989. Jeff is an amazing bankruptcy lawyer, and a consummate problem solver. But, as happens to the best of us, he found himself confronted with a serious but unusual professional issue.... Read more »

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