• Stop Eviction
    Can you file bankruptcy to stop eviction? The answer is, “Maybe.” But, should you file bankruptcy for the sole purpose to stop eviction? The answer is “Probably not.” The first step to stop eviction is to know exactly where you are in the eviction process. The entry of a court... Read more »
  • Bankruptcy Stay Eviction Rules
    The first step to stop eviction with a bankruptcy case is to have a solid understanding of the Bankruptcy Stay Eviction Rules. The Bankruptcy Stay Eviction Rules are extremely complex. The entry of a court judgment for “unlawful detainer” is the dividing line for knowing whether a bankruptcy filing will stop... Read more »
  • Debt Settlement Company Trouble
    A debt settlement company might accidentally revive the collectability against you of an old debt. A debt settlement company often does you more harm than good. One of the worst mistakes I have seen them do is to revive the statute of limitations on a debt that you legally didn’t... Read more »
  • Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Professional Dilemma
    Lawyer Solves Dangerous Professional Dilemma (PLEASE SHARE THIS POST TO HELP OTHERS) Jeff Wishman has been my law partner since 1989. Jeff is an amazing bankruptcy lawyer, and a consummate problem solver. But, as happens to the best of us, he found himself confronted with a serious but unusual professional issue.... Read more »
  • Free bankruptcy legal advice NPR radio show
    Free bankruptcy legal advice live on Public Radio and live streaming on the Internet. Podcast also available. Learn your legal rights. The post Free bankruptcy legal advice NPR radio show appeared first on My Bankruptcy Lawyer.... Read more »
  • Student Loan Law – 37 Years of Nightmare Ended
    Student Loan Law Question My Student Loan Law question is a nightmare. It involves a bankruptcy I filed in late 1986. It was finalizing in 1987. Included was an Illinois State student loan for beauty school. The loan was not removed from my credit report after I filed bankruptcy. The attorney... Read more »
  • Credit Repair Bogus
    Question: How reliable is credit repair? I also want to know how expensive is credit repair and how long does it take? Is it worth doing credit repair? One guy said he lost his house due to foreclosure and debts and paid $360 to a credit repair specialist and his credit was... Read more »
  • Can I File Bankruptcy Again
    Question: Can I File Bankruptcy Again? I need to file bankruptcy again. Can I? In February of this year I became ill and was forced to shut down my EBay business. Currently I owe then approx. $47,000 of credit card debt. My sole income is $789 a month in SSI income.... Read more »
  • What happens to the money in bankruptcy cases
    Normally there is no money in bankruptcy cases to pay anyone. These cases are called “no asset cases.” That is because the debtor who has filed bankruptcy has no assets of sufficient value to justify liquidation of the assets. However, the law is very lenient about what a person in... Read more »
  • File Bankruptcy Without Your Spouse?
    Question: File bankruptcy without your Spouse filing? Can someone file bankruptcy without your Spouse? I’m married, but don’t want my spouse involved. I have acquired approx $25,000 in credit card debt. Some debt was made prior to getting married and some after. We were married 3 years ago. I want to... Read more »

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