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You can have the best bankruptcy lawyer and save money. Even high price lawyers will cut their fees to what you can afford – if you know how to ask them. What’s more, you should be the BOSS when you hire a bankruptcy lawyer. A smart lawyer knows that he or she is working for you. And they should not ever forget it. Here are some practical suggestions for finding and hiring the right bankruptcy lawyer.


best bankruptcy lawyerIgnore the lawyer ads. Do a Google search for “bankruptcy advice (plus) the name of your city.” For example, Google the phrase, “Los Angeles Bankruptcy Advice.” Dozens of lawyer names should pop up. Don’t bother clicking on paid ads. Ignore the ads and concentrate on what Google calls “organic search results.”

Organic search results are the listings that Google has analyzed from hundreds of thousands of web sites. Google takes your search query and matches it up with best matching web sites that Google trusts. On the other hand, paid ads will run on the top and right side of the Google page. That’s because the advertisers pay to be there. Those ads appear, whether they are trustworthy, or not. Here’s more good reasons to ignore the bankruptcy lawyer ads.

best bankruptcy lawyerLawyers pay a small fortune for every “click” they get on their ads. The cost of an ad click on Google for a “Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer” can run from $50 to $100 at the top of the page. (Hard to believe – but true.)

It takes many clicks for a bankruptcy lawyer ad to produce a client. (Just think how many clicks you make before landing on a page where you stay a while.) The cost of the ads gets passed on to the bankruptcy clients.

Lawyers who advertise are spending a ton of money to get a client to walk through their door. The cost always gets passed on to what the clients pay. That’s why your chances of getting best bankruptcy lawyer for cheap will jump sky high if you ignore the lawyer ads. Go straight for the organic search result.

  • Look at the various web sites. Remember this. Each web page is really an ad for that lawyer. A fancy page does not mean the lawyer is any good.

  • In your search and interview process, ask and consider if the lawyer is a recognized expert in the bankruptcy field? Does the news media seek out the opinions of this lawyer?
  • Check a lawyer’s record on an objective website like;
  • Ask how long the lawyer has been practicing bankruptcy law specifically. Does the lawyer handle other types of cases? Many lawyers advertise for bankruptcy, but have very little experience with it.
  • In a large urban area like Los Angeles, quality bankruptcy lawyers can devote their entire practice to bankruptcy. You do not want to trust your finances with an inexperienced or part time bankruptcy lawyer.
  • If the lawyer is not a “certified specialist,” any claims of “expertise” should be ignored.

We’d also like to add a “Note” here to lawyers who think bankruptcy law is a path to riches:

  • In a phrase, “it is not.” Lawyers who have gone into the law because they expect to get rich should focus on other things—accident cases, corporate law and divorce cases.  You don’t get rich by representing clients who are broke. An expert bankruptcy lawyer with a successful law practice can make a comfortable living, but will not become rich.
  • Yet the practice of bankruptcy law is extremely satisfying. This is why we do it. There is no other area of law where so much good can be accomplished so rapidly for a client. In most cases we are able to quickly solve problems that have kept our clients sick and sleepless with worry and fear. A good bankruptcy attorney is passionate about helping people.

How to get the best bankruptcy lawyer for a cheap price.

With a simple bankruptcy case, you can get the best bankruptcy lawyer for a cheap fee. Here’s how. As an example, we’ll use Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers. A typical Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer is usually looking to to charge a fee of about $2000 for a simple case. If a client is struggling, many lawyers will cut a few hundred dollars off that fee if that’s what it takes to get the case. Here’s how you can get the best bankruptcy lawyer for half price.

Jeff Explains: What’s a simple bankruptcy case? Everyone likes to think they have a “simple case.” That’s because people are ingrained to think that a simple case will be cheap. So for many people, it’s just wishful thinking. To a bankruptcy lawyer, here’s what a simple case is. The client’s income is not above average. The client is a good record keeper and has all their bills and pay stubs. There are no tax debts.There are no valuable assets. The client has maybe a dozen or less creditors. No self employment. No asset transfers. No recent debt run ups. No recent financial activity of any significance. No urgency.

Here’s what you do to get a cheap bankruptcy lawyer fee on a simple case with one of the best lawyers in your community. You should have no trouble finding lawyers with solid reputations who offer a free consultation.

Go see some lawyers in person. That is the only way to know for sure what a lawyer will charge to do your bankruptcy case. Once you have met a few lawyers, you will begin to understand the the range of fees that lawyers are asking for.

Once you know the price range, you can figure out what a reasonable fee will be to do your bankruptcy case. It’s really a process that is similar to buying a car. You have to spend some time shopping. That is the only way to find out what you really want. And, what you need to spend to get what you want.

Leon’s Tip: Yes, we know office visits are time consuming. But you will learn things from every lawyer you talk to. When you have more time than money to spend, your time meeting with lawyers will be time well spent.

Don’t phone lawyers to and ask what they charge. People call us all the time and ask what we charge. They usually say they are asking because they don’t want to waste MY time. But what they really mean is they don’t want to waste THEIR time.

Lawyers do not want to negotiate fees on the telephone. That’s because they figure they won’t ever hear from you again. But they will negotiate in person because then we can see that you are serious. Be ready to pay the whole fee up front. Here’s an article that explains how to find the money to pay for your bankruptcy lawyer.

Get a sweet deal on cheap bankruptcy lawyer fees. Try Bayer, Wishman & Leotta.

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best bankruptcy lawyerOnce you know the fee range, you are ready to make a deal. If you have met several lawyers, go back to the one you liked the best. Lawyers are always happy to have you come back.

Let’s say it was Best Bankruptcy Lawyer, who quoted you a fee of $2000. Make a return appointment. When you see the lawyer again, let the lawyer know you have been shopping. Tell the lawyer that he or she is the most impressive of all those you met. Tell the lawyer you really wish you could have Best Bankruptcy Lawyer handle your case, but the quoted fee is more than you can afford.

Tell the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer there is no way you can pay $2000. But, you can afford $1000. Tell the lawyer you have struggled and saved up $1000 that you are ready to pay right now. (This is the time to pull out your money. Lay it right down on the lawyer’s desk – cash, checkbook, or debit card). Keep an extra couple hundred in your pocket so that you will be ready to accept nya reasonable counter offer. Follow this tip, and you will retain great lawyer at a very cheap bankruptcy lawyer fee.


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